How to Move People through Turbulent Transitions and Uncertainty

The key to success is adaptability. Transitions, however, can be brutal. If something goes wrong this will be where. As they say in the monastery, “All practice is for the next phrase transition”.

A smooth transition requires shepherding. Here is how.

4. If there is input needed be precise and honest about the bounds of what that input can affect.

5. If there are unknowns be…

Things I believe have been undervalued or devalued by our society.


Resilient systems have slack. They continue to function when circumstances change drastically. A resilient economy has safety nets and extra capacity. A resilient system adapts to change.

Instead our economic systems have been optimized for hyper efficiency. They are brittle. Hyper efficiency leads to collapse when evens outside a narrow range of possibilities happen. See 2008. and overleveraged.

Non-Rigid Thinking

Non rigid thinking is allowing for possibility. It says “Yes And”. It understands the the importance of nuance and context. It considers the totality is skeptical of absolutes and binaries. …

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Recently I’ve been getting feedback that I always say what’s on my mind and ask for what I need. And while if you had asked me I would have said, “No I only say about 10% of what is on my mind”, if I observe myself and others then yes I do speak up maybe more than most.

This was not always the case and is a skill I cultivated.

Internally most of my thoughts feel edgy even dangerous. Whether that’s true or not is irrelevant because it still has me pause and in the past had me be silent.

company growing x 100% wfh x cross-functional people === communications gridlock


As the number of people we work with grows the number of communications between them greatly increases. In order to keep focus to get our tasks done each of us creates a strategy for coping with the communication overwhelm, such as; optimize availability (allow interruption), optimize current task (notifications off), respond selectively (reply based on what content is).

While the strategies each fit the goals of each individual they can be at odds with progressing collaborative goals forward. If I require the attention of one or more people for a decision to be made its likely I’ll need to create…

(in hindsight obvious, while trying not so)

So a few months ago, I wanted to set an `id` on a react-native-web (RNW) View component <View id="newsletter"/> But that doesnt work.

Turns out in order to maintain compatibility with ReactNative, RNW uses `nativeID` This is in the docs, but I somehow missed it, until i found this issue

So to set an ID on a view in react native web, which will be mapped to the elements dom node do this

<View nativeID="some-id" />

docs referencing this are here

Inspired by Dan Abramov’s Things I don’t know

1. Never have I worked at a place which used an RDBMS as its primary persistent data store.

Mongo, Redis, API’s pumping out to external providers, and blockchains, have been the backbone of the Apps I have helped to create. Therefore I am not much of an SQL genius. A certain company which used Mongo as its primary store did have a secondary MYSQL DB for a particular dataset and for a time due to organizational adjustments (a nice way of saying one guy left and the other was fired) I found myself as the person in our company with the most knowledge of this part of the codebase. During…

I had a phone interview for a new job a few weeks ago. As the call went on I found myself willfully going out of my way to basically disqualify myself from the position; explaining quite gleefully how didn’t know this and only had some limited experience in that. All the while I could sense the interviewer pulling back and yet could not help myself. The call ended with an abrupt “We’ll get back to you”.

I work with really smart people. To my mind, that is a reason to be on the alert that they will find out I…

This is a piece on offense.

It’s about fear and sex.

It’s about the culture war.

It’s about identity, and marginalization, and victimization.

It’s paradox and power.

And mostly it’s about shame.

Photo by Akshar Dave on Unsplash

There is a article in my Medium Drafts, written by me just 4 years ago entitled “Nerds are Not the Entitled Ones”. I cringe reading it today and thank whatever power had it be that I did not publish it. It was written by an angry me, a scared me, a lost me, an ashamed me. …

The days are short and the nights long but we still expect ourselves to be working as hard and as long as any other time of year.

I just got back to SF from visiting my family in Austin. I stayed at my mother’s place. She is truly the powerhouse of the family. Currently running a business has her traveling around three continents. Old enough to claim social security (though you wouldn’t guess it) she regularly will work for months without a day off. …

const superFontSize = Math.floor(fontSize * 0.6)
const superlineHeight = superFontSize * 1.1
const superStyle = {
textAlignVertical: 'top',
fontSize: superFontSize,
lineHeight: superlineHeight
const regular = {
textAlignVertical: 'bottom',
fontSize: fontSize
<View style={{flexDirection: 'row', alignItems: 'flex-start'}}> <Text style={superStyle}>Super</Text> <Text style={regular}> Regular Text</Text></View>


const superFontSize = Math.floor(fontSize * 0.6)

Make the super font about half the size (in this case 60%) of the regular sized text.

const superlineHeight = superFontSize * 1.1

This is important, `lineHeight` for the superscript text must be close to same size as the text. (At first i tried to make this the same height…

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