Idiosyncrasies of My Developer Career

Inspired by Dan Abramov’s Things I don’t know

1. Never have I worked at a place which used an RDBMS as its primary persistent data store.

2. I generally call myself a frontend developer, yet I have always written at least some serverside code.

3. I learned plain HTML and CSS years before I learned any Turing complete language.

4. Data Structures and Algorithms seem to be both obviously simple and mysteriously hard to me

*I should mention there was a time when I was probably about a year into being a developer when I became obsessed with Sets. If a problem could be solved with sets, I would find a way. I went thru our and converted many O(n1*n2) solutions to O(n1+n2) by replacing array lookups with O(1) set lookups. It was easy and fun. Of course then I started realizing that there was a cost to creating the Set which sadly in Ruby needed to be created from an array. so if that didn’t exist 2 objects needed to be allocated. In the end I decided that the size of the other collection was a good heuristic for if creating a set was a good idea. The larger the more likely it would be worth it.



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