Aaron MGDR
1 min readApr 25, 2021

Things I believe have been undervalued or devalued by our society.


Resilient systems have slack. They continue to function when circumstances change drastically. A resilient economy has safety nets and extra capacity. A resilient system adapts to change.

Instead our economic systems have been optimized for hyper efficiency. They are brittle. Hyper efficiency leads to collapse when evens outside a narrow range of possibilities happen. See 2008. and overleveraged.

Non-Rigid Thinking

Non rigid thinking is allowing for possibility. It says “Yes And”. It understands the the importance of nuance and context. It considers the totality is skeptical of absolutes and binaries. It has strong convictions and seeks to understand how contradictory views can both have some value and truth to them.


This one has should not be confused with offendability. Having Sensitivity is being open hearted, feeling our feelings and feeling others. Without skill or training this can lead to being overwhelmed by feelings. With skill and training it becomes like a superpower by which we communicate without words, have truly connected sex, and deeply empathize.

Photo by Cassi Josh on Unsplash