Thoughts on communication in remote, growing companies

company growing x 100% wfh x cross-functional people === communications gridlock


As the number of people we work with grows the number of communications between them greatly increases. In order to keep focus to get our tasks done each of us creates a strategy for coping with the communication overwhelm, such as; optimize availability (allow interruption), optimize current task (notifications off), respond selectively (reply based on what content is).


As I think about the strategies I use often it is to optimize my availability, yet not all the time. When I am in an meeting i will optimize my attention on that. When I don’t know how to respond to something I will not respond at all effectively becoming a selective nonresponder.


While I could say that everyone should just do what I am doing, I have a hunch there is another part of this. Some people become thru tenure or talent or both key parts of many disparate functions of the business. When a company is 10 being able to fulfill multiple roles is vital. When a business becomes 100 it starts to mean that the vital attention of these key people becomes harder and harder to obtain. In other words it’s not that as we grow everyone becomes very hard to reach rather key people become even harder to involve.


Do less, better

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